JCE Biennial 2011

From October 14th till November 13th 2011 my work ‘Bushokje (night of harcore)’ will be shown at the JCE Biënnial in Montrouge (Paris). Since its creation in 2000, the JCE Biënnial gathers together young European artists in a travelling exhibition through the 9 participating countries. Curator Stijn Huijts, director of the SCHUNCK* museum in Heerlen, has selected 8 young Dutch artists to represent the Netherlands. The Dutch artists include Wafae Ahalouch, Robert Lambermont, Lotte van Lieshout, Keetje Mans, Frank Govers, Hanan Klei, Thijs Jansen and Kim van Norren. The Netherlands are participating for the first time in the Biënnial and will only be shown at the opening in France.
Make sure to visit http://www.jceforum.eu/en/ for more information.

JCE Biennial #10

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