Nomination 15th Van Bommel Van Dam Prize

Van Bommel Van Dam Prijs 2013

4-6-2013 - 1-9-2013 at Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo 

On sunday, the 9th of june, the fifthteenth Van Bommel Van Dam Prize will be awarded during the opening of the exhibition showing work of the 12 nominees. The nominees are proposed by one of the 6 Dutch or 6 German invited selectors. Thijs is nominated by Toos Arends, director of CBK Drenthe. The other nominees are Marijke Appelman (NL), Axel Braun (G), Jan Paul Evers (D), Anne Geene (NL), Christoph Knecht (D), Marijn van Kreij (NL), Bettina Krieg (D), Cyrill Lachauer (D), Marianne Lammersen (NL), Chaim van Luit (NL) and Gerda Scheepers (D). The Van Bommel Van Dam Prize is an incentive award for young Dutch and German artists under the age of 35 in the field of painting, work on paper and photography. An independent jury will pick one winner out of the 12 nominated artists.

From 14-9-2013 to 22-12-2013 the exhibition is on view at the Rudolf-Scharpf-Gallerie from the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

For more information please visit the website of the Museum Van Bommel Van Dam.

Nomination 15th Van Bommel Van Dam Prize

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